Intro and a few questions if I may.

Greetings guys. I will keep it as short as possible. I'm Mike, 36 from the UK. Basically two things.

I have gone to the Xbox Gold free games via pc and clicked on the Saints Row demo, it says its in my download queue on my Xbox. It isn't, and I cannot find it anywhere in the store either.

I have installed Smart Glass on my phone ( IoS ), it states it cannot find my console, also to check " connected devices " via " settings - system ". There is no such sub category.

Any help you can throw my way would be appreciated, thanks. 


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problem is this is a general discussion forum and we honestly cannot help you...

that being said...

sounds like you are on 360... this is the XB1 section of the forum...

as for your smart glass....  did you DL the 360 version or the XB1 version... make sure your phone is on same network as your console... if your xbox is on your internet.... and your phone is on 3g from phone.. they cannot find each other...

Apologies, I'm still getting my head round the forum. Maybe the mods could place it in the right area. I'm on XB1 and have my phone on the same network, although my XBone isn't wireless , it's wired. Do I need the smartglass app on the XB one ?, doh !!


I did infact d'load the wrong app on IoS. :(

Everyone does that.... yeah you need the XB1 app...

now for the Saints row... that would be for the 360....GWG has not come to the XB1 yet.. soon tho... like 2 weeks  :)

Thanks dude. I've just looked through and noticed now. What an eejit !!. Smartglass working fine, I will await the June update. Thanks alot for the help.

no prob

Theres also a new Xbox One Smartglass BETA app (it's a seperate app with Beta at the end)... has losts of improvements for the TV functionality.

All lot of the UK TV stuff got added recently (to the same level as our US friends), I've just finished setting my reciever.  Really is amazing if you haven't tried it, genuinelly no longer need TV or Set top box remotes.

I tried the beta but it didn't work for me so I am just waiting for it to come public and out of the beta mode. I have to say though, Smartglass is fantastic. I would be lost without it sometimes.

How do you think I feel, Cloud!? How do you think I feel!? :'(


...yeah, I wish I had access to SmartGlass...


I cannot wait for the editing of clips via smartglass... finally something I can do while having a sit down in my bathroom besides...

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