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We were going to change our internet provider and I was wondering what bandwith would be the best. 10 mbps fast enough or do I need to go higher to prevent lagging out all the time?


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Any Modern Cable Broadband Connection From Any ISP, Is Sufficient For XBOX Live! & Online Gaming... As Long, As You're Ping Time Isn't To High Or Ping Time Fluctuates... Throughput Speeds Are Irrelevant On Cable Connections Now..

Seeing How You Said Bandwidth & 10Mbps.. You Must Be Talking About ADSL or ADSL 2+ Plans..??

You Can't Expect, A Lag Free Online Experience, With ADSL/2+ Connections..

1. Most People, Have Cable Broadband Connections Now & Will Have A Ping Time A LOT Lower Than ADSL/2+ Connections..

2. ADSL/2+ Connections, Always Have A High Potential Of Packet Loss & Cable Problems.. You Might Experience Connection Drop-Outs etc..

3. Because Many Players, Have Broadband Cable Connections.. They Will Always Shoot Before You Do On ADSL/2+...

4. Stay Away From ADSL/2+ Contracts, If You Can... The NBN Will Roll Out Next Year & Fibre Optic Connections Will Be Available..