Internet options for Xbox Live

I live in the middle of no where and have no high speed internet options available. I was thinking about trying a satellite company or try Verizon mobile broadband but does anyone know if this will be fast enough. Some of the speeds they advertise are around 1.5 MBPS. This sounds slow to me but what do I Know? Any info would help. Thanks.


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Satellite is meant for people that want fast web access and don't mind the extra latency that all satellite systems have. Basically even at it's best the latency will be so high gaming will be very laggy. Mobile might be better in terms of latency and if that is 1.5 Mega Bytes per second instead of 1.5 Mega bits per second then it should be the better option. I know each costs a lot more that normal broadband and with Mobile broadband there are normally data quotas and tiers that if you go outside of can cost extra in fines/service chargers.