Internet options for xbox live?

I live in the middle of no where and have no high speed internet options available. I was thinking about trying a satellite company or try Verizon mobile broadband but does anyone know if this will be fast enough. Some of the speeds they advertise are around 1.5 MBPS. This sounds slow to me but what do I Know? Any info would help. Thanks.


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Do not go with satellite or even a mobile broadband network because you won't get a stable connection if your playing games online.

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[quote user="Chico5442"]I was thinking about trying a satellite company or try Verizon mobile broadband but does anyone know if this will be fast enough.[/quote]Satellite should be fast enough. Your problem will be latency. Latency won't matter much for downloads and streaming, but multiplayer gaming is right out.[quote]Some of the speeds they advertise are around 1.5 MBPS.[/quote]Mobile broadband will have lower latency than satellite, but lower bandwidth. Having said that, the latency's still pretty high (200ms or so).


You could mix and match - use satellite for streaming video and downloading DLC and content, then switch to mobile broadband for gaming.

1.5 MegaBytes/sec [MBps] or 1.5 Megabits/sec [Mbps]..?? There is a BIG difference in speed etc..

Don't buy into satellite. They have a 160mb a day download limit before your bandwidth is throttled. Yes 160 megabytes. I had direcway for a few years when i had no other options. I even had star band before direcway and it was much worse. I was able to use wireless broadband for a year or so, but even that was flakey at times. I also tried verizon wireless usb hub and it was decent but way too expensive and random outages were an every day concern. Imo the best was wireless broadband, but even then i wouldn't dream of moving to an area where comcast or similar cable internet was not available. At this point in my life the internet is the most important form of media my family uses from day to day. It saves me over $100 in directv bills as we stream content now instead of paying for a satellite dish. We also get free basic cable with comcast and i pay $29.99/mo for 24mb/s download and 5mb/s uploads. I can stream HD content on several TVs while surfing the net on several PCs.

IMO cable internet has saved me thousands of dollars. So my advice is if you can move. If you can't then find the best available internet connection you can until service is provided in your area or you are able to move.

Verizon Jetpack 4G Modems, don't have an external antenna etc... So my advice would be, to find a 4G Wireless provider [If cable is unavailable] that uses external antennas on their modems & Buy a Cisco 4G or marine antenna like this:

and put it high on the roof of your house or outside your apartment window etc..

Cisco, actually make business kits to access Verizon 4G etc..