interesting point of view on LA noire.

i thought this was a rather new and exciting point of view on LA noire, and to be honest, i agreed with it completely.

kudos to the chap who wrote this:


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Most people I know who played it (inc me) thought it was a good game but hardly a GOTY contender.

CSI meets GTA with Mass Effect Conversation system....probably grab it when its bargain bucket but the visuals in ME looked better then the footage I have seen

I looked at some of the interrogation sequences for this and they seem awfully contrived. It's an ambitious attempt to blur the line between TV drama and games but it still falls a bit short. Maybe if it didn't try so relentlessly to emulate another medium (a la Heavy Rain) then LA Noire could be something more. No one wants to 'play' La Confidential or The Wire. If they can deliver a narrative of that standard then great but it's no good just imitating it.


I'm not sure if I just reiterated any of what was said in that article. Going to read it now.

"The Werewolf killer could of"



OK, forget it. Not reading another line  >:(

I've played and completed this game, the main bug for me was many of the interrogation sections, particuarly with witnesses, I found a lot of the time whether to choose truth or doubt was pure pot luck and in parts it dragged on a bit.

It's a good game, not going to be GOTY, and as a Rockstar game i would have hoped for better really

I think people are unaware or forgetting that what Rockstar did...was to come in and save the game, they didnt create it or plan the game, as a publisher they had to step in before the game imploded on itself, changed key parts and took over others...but it was a game they had to fix rather then a game thy planned out and executed...which is why they are no releasing another game by the original publisher and probably why LA Noire will be a one time gig....although there is talk of using its tech in GTA V

I thought it was a decent enough game, but not as perfect or 10/10 as a lot of publications made it out to be.

Kudos to the author indeed.

Cokneys right thought R* made this game better. Can you imagine what it would have been like if they didnt????

Well Team Bondi have been making talk about a sequal. Mentioning TV shows like 'The Wire' and 'The Shield'. A proper game based on something like 'The Shield' would be great.

The Shield already got a game. Playing it is only slightly less agonising than having Vic Mackey sit on your face and fart loudly after eating vindaloo.

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