so my disk drive motor is broke

if i want to change disks i have to take it apart

after doing that this time i turn it back on and instant red ring

could i have bent something  or hit something

anyone have any clue as to why it would just start flashing 3  red rings

it was working perfectly last night

its the old white version


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No one here can discuss self repair with you,it violates the code of conduct.

Please contact support for repairs.   I would consider the purchase of a new console or a local repair shop though.  GOOD LUCK!!

Sell it for parts or throw it in the bin is probably your best course of action.

Well i have the same problem as you but i did not take mine apart every time i put my hard drive in i get 3 red rings of death and ive had the xbox since 2008 and my hdd hard drive since 2009

A hard drive issue should not give you 3 red rings.

Have you tried another hard drive?

How about a new topic in the support section...!!!???.  

Help is availible. even if this topic is 6 months old.....

My Xbox [White] Does the same

I Have Never Taken mine apart tho can I get a repair of off micro soft plz