Install games to HDD

Yesterday, I heard from the hdd a short clicking noise that is making from 30secs to 30secs . So I was wondering , is it normal? I suppose some sound the hdd needs to make , the sound from my hdd is barely hearing but still , im worried , I install all games to HDD , so I use the HDD more than dvds , what you guys think? should I play from the disc the games , to keep the hdd in good conditions?


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Ice Usually has solid advice with Tech I'd believe him.

If your console is showing no signs of slowness, or the dreaded "cannot read disc" error when playing games installed to the HDD, it may be ok. I have a 2.5" HDD that did thermal recalibration more often than normal. It still works (it's in one of my PS3s).


If it's doing it EVERY 30 seconds, pick up a replacement HDD. A genuine XBOX 360 320GB HDD is $99 right now.