Insanity ME1

So I have finished ME1, and I would like to do Insanity with my finished ME1 character. Can I do this? Or do I need to make a new character?



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You can re-use your character :)



Start a new game and pick Select Existing ID. I'd change the difficultly to Insanity before leaving the Normandy.

You can either use the same character or create a new one. Whichever pleases you.

Thanks for all the replies.

Enemies are bullet sponges on insanity. Expect lots of circle-strafing

Very true which is why it is worth ensuring that you have at least one person in the squad who has the Warp ability, which disables the Immunity talent.

It's been a couple of years since i played ME1 but doesn't the OP have to beat the game on hardcore difficulty first to unlock insanity?