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Im trying to hook up the xbox to a older Samsung 1080i tv. Ive had it working before..but for some reason when everything is ready to go..i hit the source button to get to the game mode hdmi choice...the screen is blank and says. "Input mode not supported". This is funny since ive had the same set up working fine in the past. Its a slim 360, with a hdmi cable attached. Ive tried two cables..and it says the same. Ive tried to tweak some tv settings..with no luck. Any help??


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Can you try another Input. Say VGA or the cords that came with it? Or you can only use HDMI?

Did you have it connected to a different display and set to a resolution that this display doesn't accept, like 1080p? Because if the 360 is set to 1080p only, this display may not accept the signal. In that case, you'll have to connect it to a TV that will accept the 1080p signal & switch it to either 1080i or AUTO.

Follow the steps located here to reset your 360 video settings. This should get you back to a display setting that will work and then you can set it to what you had it at for your display.