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Inglorious is a multi-platform gaming community with strong ties to the Gears of War series. I lead an active, successful clan back in Gears 1 way back in 2006 (Gosh that makes me feel old!)

I've been away from the Gears scene since 3. Unfortunately I just couldn't get away with Judgement but with the Ultimate Edition I'm excited to get back in to the competitive Gears scene. Obviously 9 years has passed since the days of Gears 1 and I have a lot more responsibilities than I did back then so I won't be hammering Gears 24/7 but I will be playing the game daily (circumstances permitting) and would like to get involved in some of the tournaments and leagues that are springing up with the games release. People say you can't be casual and competitive at the same time so I feel it's important to stress that with this team I'm not looking to start attending LAN's or be the best in the world, I simply enjoy the adrenaline rush you get from playing against another organised team as opposed to pub stomping.

Here's a summary of our requirements:

  • 21+ UK/EU players only (Also, age =/= maturity so all applicants will undergo a voice chat with myself prior to being accepted to ensure they're the kind of player I want to spend my recreational time associating with and vice versa)
  • Decent level of activity (I appreciate that members will have real life responsibilities but a team like this still requires a certain level of commitment
  • Good quality headset and a willingness to use voice comms
  • Willing to attend a minimum of one organised practice session a week (Practice sessions will be separate from general pub stomping and will be used to develop strategies and solid communication)
  • Check the website and calendar frequently (Events such as upcoming practice sessions and matches will be posted on the calendar, whilst you're not expected to be a forum crawler you will be at least expected to check the site and keep up to date with events)
  • Be respectful of all other community members regardless of your level of interaction (We are multi-platform and have a very active PC playerbase. For the most part you'll probably never interact with each other but nevertheless you'll be expected to treat them with respect, they're good guys and gals)


  • An active, friendly website and community forum for members to chat about pretty much anything
  • An active playerbase on PC and we'll be hoping to match that activity on consoles (I have a long history of running console clans and whilst I've been out of the scene for a while I've no doubt we can get an active Gears team up and running in very little time)
  • 512 slot TeamSpeak server (Not particularly relevant for console players but it's there if anyone wishes to use it or if any of our guys play any PC games as well)
  • Active, friendly facebook group (I know Facebook is horrific, a place where most people go to air their dirty laundry. I hardly use it aside from our clan page. Joining the page isn't mandatory but there's some good banter and if you already have a facebook account it can't hurt)
  • Active, mature leadership - I'm 28 years of age and whilst I'm not the oldest member of our community by any stretch (that honor falls to one of our PC players, a Welshman in his 60's) I'd like to think I have a good head on my shoulders

So, that's a small summary of us as a community. I want to point out that I care little for K/D ratio's, win streaks or any of that nonsense. True enough, skill is important if we're going to be playing in tournaments but I'd much rather a solid bunch of players who can have a laugh and some banter than some antsy young buck who cares more about his K/D than this community. If you're interested in joining you'll need to head on over to our website and get registered if you don't already have an Enjin account. Once you've done that submit an application and add me on Xbox, I'm currently waiting on a headset adapter so don't have voice capabilities currently but I'll have that sorted by next week (bank holiday means it probably won't turn up until Tuesday or Wednesday).

Thanks and I hope to see some interest soon :)


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