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I have a question for microsoft /xbox you say the reason for the new Xbox one is because you could not upgrade soft/hard ware for the old gen xbox360, why is it then somebody on youtube placed a video telling us about how there something on the hard drive microsoft placed there dorment which once unlocked could quiet easy be turned around to accept xbox one hardware! the video goes has far as to show how it can be done within mins and that u see his system go from xbox to xbox one im all for change i dont have issue with that , its the fact that i payed for 3 xbox black new version that  my kids begged me for christmas just gone then with in months you bring out xbox 1 ... now all my kids want is xbox one to me this is where it unfair ..... if it takes just a simple code to change hardware from 360 OS to New Gen OS why has Microsoft not done so instead of us parents having to fork out more money for new consoles , when the last ever xbox you produce can be just turned around just like that , like say i never have prob with change its more busting my butt to provide something for my kids that wasnt even 2 months old  just to have something replace it within weeks of something new has proof of what ive mentioned here is a link to this youtuber  [Mod Removed]



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Er, can't tell if you're serious or not. Try reading the description on the YouTube video....