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I am uncertain if this section of the forums is the right place to ask. Basically what I am wanting to know is whether or not modding of game files can risk account banning (specifically files for games like Borderlands 1 or other older 360 games). A few of my friends (names withheld per forum policy) do that once in a great while, strictly for personal use, not for use in public games. Could they possibly risk getting the ban hammer? Info please.


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Any modification of the software, and that includes saves, in the 360 risks an account ban.


Repeated offences could even see the console banned.

OH. How i would LOVE to see your recent activity.

Surely you don't think it was him modding do you?  He plainly stated that it was his friends.  It's not like he has a guilty conscience and is worried that he might get banned or anything.

Soon we will see you in the ban forum section telling us you didn´t do anything ;)

I have not played any game online for some time now. My console was on live long enough to update the dashboard, that's it. I have yet to mod anything on my console.

Man, modding is BS.