Incorrect Price in THQ Sale

I want to let Microsoft know that there is an error in pricing in the THQ Sale. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Chaos Unleashed DLC is said to be 50% off, but when you click on it, it still wants to charge the original price, 800 points. This is on Both Xbox Live & Could someone please correct this ASAP? Thanks.


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Thanks for the heads up.  I'm forwarding this along.

Warhammer was on sale last week (50% off)... this week's deals are Bioshock 2's dlc.

eggnog, he is talking about the thq publisher sale and not the deal of the week.

Thanks aka Scratch. My friends & I would really like to take advantage of this deal before it ends with an incorrect price.

p.s.  My apologies.. I was getting my xbla games mixed up.  I knew a bunch of them were 50% off last week, I thought this was one of them.  My bad.

I don't see it on the list.  I'm not sure if it's included or not.  Do you see anywhere that is says it was part of the THQ sale?