Incorrect Password Allowing Sign In?

When I signed in today, I typed an incorrect password in error, but had hit enter before I could rectify it. However, it still signed me in? I signed out, then repeated the incorrect password and it signed me in again? Anyone else noticed this. The password I used was a couple of digits short of what it should be, so was about 75% correct, if that makes sense lol. I certainly shouldnt be able to sign in with an incorrect password, should I?


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I did reply a little earlier but it wasn't posted, but I was signed out automatically???

Anyway - Ive tried it and I couldn't sign in with half /3 qtrs of my password.

Try typing the password you believe it is, see if that's wrong. Only things I could see what would cause this, would be:

  • Your password is longer than the characters allowed. So you think you have typed a whole word but you have only typed 75% of it. 
  • You entered the wrong password when you created your account and your very lucky to re-type the wrong password again.


Maybe your browser is set to save your password for this site, therefore, automatically using the saved one, regardless of what you type?

It was all weird.  I have used the correct password since lunch and its fine. No passwords stored. Not longer than allowed. Made a new password after the sony carry on, and its been fine since then. Use it a few times a day. Have changed again to be on safe side..

OK, so just tried again. I can sign in with my correct password. I can also sign in, when I miss the last two digits off.  Each time, it requires me to enter the password, so no automatic. Done this three or four times now. Its mad!

Not sure if its related, but i had a forced password change today on my hotmail account.

SnailUK I got that also, seems to be people with email addys.

i had a password rest this morning and mine is .com

No problems as I frequently change my passwords

secret question could get your password back.