Inconsistent/Non-existent Wireless Connection

Okay. This is going to be a lengthy post, so bare with me. 

I bought an Xbox One about a week ago and have been having connection problems since I first set it up. It seems to have trouble maintaining or even connecting to my wireless. Now I am using the **** TG852 from Xfinity which I know had problems before. I have called Xbox support and the guy spent four hours with me to get me connected to XB Live. We had to do a system restore and it finally worked until I went to play titanfall. I could not maintain a good connection to stay in a game or even connect to a multiplayer match. When I did the training session, it would be fine for about 2 min, then lag for about a min, then repeat. Then the power went out a couple of days ago and  now it wont connect to xbox live again, just like before. I was supposed to talk to the same xbox support guy again, but he didnt get around to calling me yesterday and he only works on weekends, so I figured I'd see what you guys think.

Here some info that might be helpful:
-I cannot connect wired as the router is at the other end of the house 
-Xbox connects normally on a wired connection (through my laptop)
-All other devices in the house work fine and some even further away from the router
-My brothers xbox 360 (not turned on at the same time) connects to live just fine although I havent tried it in the exact same location.
-PS4 (also not at the same time) connects just fine wirelessly
-NAT is usually Open except after the power went out
-Wireless strength is consistently around 67-70%
-Latency is consistently around 80
-Port forwarding and triggering are disabled (as the support guy told me to do)
-UNCP is enabled
-Xbox is on a self and not in an enclosed entertainment center

From the multiplayer detailed tests when I could connect to live, I found the connection to be inconsistent. During 5 tests, 4 came back with 12Mb/s download and 6 upload with 0% packet loss. One came back with .87Mb/s Download and 6 upload with 1% packet loss. 

So anyone have any ideas? Why is it that this device is the only one giving me trouble?


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