Improving the update process

I just got the latest update, and I have to say it's not very clear.  I turned on the Xbox expecting it to power up my TV and receiver...nothing happened.  I waiting a minute or two...still nothing. I powered them up manually and there was just a line on the screen that could have been from any of my devices.

It would be greatly improved by powering up the other devices before starting the update and putting some kind of text on the screen about what it's doing.


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You obviously knew what it was. It's fine as is.

is there anyway of knowing if you have the latest update? I brought my console yesterday and it gave me update when starting up for 1st time. But my friend said they don't give out the updates all at once they do it over a few days? Is this true?

I want a Chunky Monkey all in green, dancing on the update line on my screen!!

I knew what it was because I had seen a previous update.  What about the person getting their first update and suddenly nothing will power on?

As far as which update you have, you can look at the console info screen and compare the number you see with this table:

As far as I know the updates are cumulative, so you'll only get one.

I turned my TV on. Turned on my controller. Went to my home page. A picture of a X1 and "time for an update" came up. Accept/decline.  I accepted. It did the rest, took about 5 minutes. Not really sure what more they could improve on that basis.

You're not using the feature of the Xbox One turning on your TV and audio equipment.  

Wolfgang, my wife does that. I just tell her "Wife TV on please" and voila its on!

@Uncle Rastas: Now thats one expensive remote right there :-)

Angryvato, yeah it is quite expensive. Needs software updates often as it is prone to crashing so patches like "Flowers 2.3" and "Evening Meal 1.2" can get expensive :] Does not recognize additional programs like "Mistress 2.0" at all :]

But it does come with quite few extras like "Happy Ending 1.0" and "Raedy Meals Beta build version 2.3.3" :]