Import Xbox one from Amazon?

Hi, I'm a swede who wants to import the xbox one from amazon on the release. But I'm not sure if it's going to work properly here. Some say that you won't be able to play online because it hasn't been released in the regions? But then I have to say something. That's not why its going to be delayed in these countries right? Its being delayed because of the Language recognition hasn't been finished for these countries yet. 

Some of xbox support team says that you won't be able to play online and only be able to feel the experience of a singleplayer game until it gets released in sweden...But I'm not sure if I can trust the xbox support.

I want real answers about the import question. Will I be able to play online games even if I don't wait for the official release here in sweden? It shouldn't be a problem right?  I would really like the MS would go out with some information about this...

Please help me on this.
Best wishes // Tired drunk swedish viking  


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you should be able to play online, there is no region locking. the issue is you wont be able to get any support, since it has not been officially released there. this could be as bad as if you have a warranty issue they will not ship it back to sweden, you will have to read the warranty to be certain. its online.

Best opinion, If your not sure then don't do it.

The thing is, I've never gotten any help from these guys ever. So if it has issues then F-it, either I will buy a new one, or get it fixed at a local technician. But my question is - For example I will buy Xbox one, Will it work online in sweden, Even if it hasn't been released here until next year?  For example will the servers be up and running or is it going to be offline in my area?

Because if its offline, then it doesn't really matter if I buy one, because its not going to work anyway until next year..