I'm looking for an RTS?

Hello! I haven't posted on the OXF in a long time. Anyway, I'm looking for a good RTS game with online multiplayer (Incase anyone points out, Yes I know I'm a silver member.) Any input would be greatly appreciated


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Command & Conquer 3 is quite a good RTS, Fun to play online with friends but the difficulty change from the second hardest to the hardest for the AI is extreme. There is also R.U.S.E which is a great RTS, i saw it in Morrisons before for just £8.

If you have a PC get Dawn of War 2 and the expansion Chaos Rising. That's 2000gs and playable online as a Silver member. ;)


Please note Retribution, the latest one is not Games for Windows Live. It's a Steam title. Though you can import your stats from the previous games once you're done with them for Last Stand.


If you pick it up give me a shout I'll give you a few games.

Yeah R.U.S.E Is great and the multiplayer seems to be active and is only cheap like Some Tall Nuts said. I picked mine up for £10 and wasnt disapointed.

what about halo wars , you like the halo fps , so im sure you would like halo wars , its good game and i bet you would get it cheap now.

Total War.

Still have Medieval Total war and expansion packs and Rome Total War and all expansion packs on my laptop, amazing games.....could imagine it working well using kinect as an interface

best console fps without a doubt is halo wars!!! R.U.S.E is good but pretty complicated not sure how online is, still playing halo wars even though ive 100% the game :P still really busy online to get matches pretty easy all the time

no-ones mentioned Brutal Legend. its a hack and slash RTS hybrid, but the RTS side is very deep with different units being stronger and weaker against other units, and the need to play to your factions strengths and not all the factions are balanced.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone :). Unfortunately I only have a laptop and it's not a gamin laptop so I'm not entirely sure if I'd be able to play Dawn of War 2. I've played the Halo wars demo and I enjoyed it alot. I've also checked out some videos R.U.S.E and it looks alright (though a little complicated). I still need to check out Command & Conquer but the game is pretty old...Is the multiplayer still moderately active or is it pretty much dead?