im looking for a clan/ group

well basically as the title says i want to find some new xbox friends to play some games and win matches, and get used to each other for BF3 and MW3

i dont want clans that just want u to sign up to there website and not speak to u again after,  i had that problem in the past

thanks and im looking forward to hearing from u :) message me here or on xbox


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Admin please delete i found a group now, and there is sad little loser *** on my post,


wow you realy are an imature little brat ur suoppssed to be in our 20s and your actin like this u sad pathetic little person and what clan would be in the right mind to accept some1 like that


anyway good luck with it and i hope you have fun

just because you and your clan are *** stop crying to me virgin boy, and i have a clan now thanks *** head there 2nd in the WGL prem league where u wish ud get to  :) xx

your no big headed at all are ya. Nobody actualy cares how good or bad you are and im telling u wih the attitude youve got no clans gonna want to take ya on board.

just because im to good to join your clan kid dont cry to me :) now go get a life loser xx

yep my stats are pretty *** but thats coz i pay *** all attention in public lobbies but when it comes toleague games thats when our clan pull our fingers out. why dont you have a look at the tables section of our forums and you might see that PXG have just won a league losing only 1 match. so lets hope you can get a grip stop wasting people time and private messaging abuse to people its not a good look for anybody.

and when you do find yourself a clan send them my sympathies coz your gonna be a right old pain in the ***.

@panther. lmao im a waste of time that likes winning matches. a little concept u dont seem to get as your stats says it all xx

our clan is 30 active members strong although you may have found it difficult to join my parties there were plenty of other members to join at the times you were online. Everytime i invited you to a party you had the excuse you were playing another game...who cares?? the parties were for chating no matter what game.

I hope you find the right clan for you ....but it takes effort on both sides and more from the newbie to fit in.

Hmm, out of curiosity xNoMeRcY v are you looking for a social clan or a competitive clan?

well lets just get this straigt you didnt want to join because we camp on our flag in capture the flag hmmmm.

thing is when playing CTF the aim of the game is to defend your flag and capture the enemy flag how is it possible to defend your flag if your whole team is running for the enemy flag i think if you watched one of our competitive matchs (non Public) you would have seen the way we play which is by splitting the team into 2 sections 1st to defend the flag (camping necessary) 2nd attacking the flag.

so i dont know why your gettin so highly strung about that.

another thing if you where to take a look at a few other game modes we play you will find that we usually never camp unless defending an objective.

u should take a look at some other game modes we play like HcSnd and TDM and then come back and say we just camp.

anyway i think ive proved a point your a waste of time and not many clans like people wasting their time.

if you have anything more to add then feel free il just prove you wrong again.


PXG Panther

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