Illumiroom for Xbox One

Microsoft canceled the project Illumiroom for the Xbox One claiming he was too expensive to be produced, then the Illumiroom would not be available for sale on the market and would not succeed.
I believe that Microsoft is right not to want to launch expensive products on the market, because they really don't sell well.
But the premise of Illumiroom is very good and if it wasn't considered the price factor, then the peripheral in my opinion would make a lot of very big success among the audience who likes technological innovations.
Then the whole problem is the cost of production of the Illumiroom. But if you look at the market for projectors with ease, we found good technology projectors and a very small price, as in the case of micro projectors the company 3M.
It would not be the case with Microsoft to put the Illumiroom on the artboard to reevaluate and improve its financial viability and maybe even make a technological partnership with 3M to the projector Illumiroom be released for the Xbox One?
I think with a bit of research and cutting some very exotic features it is possible to make a Illumiroom ultra portable and ultra slim to be pinned to the back of the TV, with low energy consumption, with the ability to make simple but very cool effects, like "particles of fire", "snowflakes", "starry sky", "effects of tyre" and all this at a final price of 70 to 90 dollars to the final consumer and still accompanied by a simple game that uses the potentiality of the peripheral Illumiroom.

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i was saddened by this.

i own a philips picopix 2480 pico projector and it is absolutely awesome as long as the room is dark up to 150 inches.

if they teamed up then both companies involved would benefit.

allow projector companies to produce their own illumiroom compatible projectors and the cost is a non-issue for MS, if anything it would sell more consoles to geeks like me who buy things "just because"

I think it looks great as a gimmick and absolutely amazing to showcase new games at conventions but I would not welcome it in to my living room. As nice as it is, I just don't feel the need to spend money on that and my TV gives me everything I need really.

I thought it looked great, I'm sure I would adopted this tech. VR is probably where we're heading though, not sure if MS has anything planned, was reading the other day that sony does though. I've actually got an oculus rift kit arriving tomorrow, I'm a real fan of this kind of stuff. Anything that adds to the immersion would be great, we've been playing games the same way for too long now, not that it's a bad thing, but the tech and ideas are out there.

This was a huge dissapointment to me, as i loved the idea and couldn't wait for the imaginations of developers out there in how they would use it.

I can see the cost, but it's still a shame.

Kickstarter to subsidies the costs and one year production to see how it would sell :)