If you thought Sony was good for selling 1 million..


Although we sold a million in 13 markets, it is a better report of Xbox One numbers than they had us believeing!


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we? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? lol

2 countries vs 13 markets or whatever it was.


Sounds legit.

a mouse in your pocket hahahahaha

Both MS and Sony sold everything they could make. Both companies will do fine this generation despite what fanbois think.

yeah they both will sell them as fast as they can make them for a while. id guess until somewhere between the 3m and 5m mark, then you will see a slight slow down with the bursts coming around specific game launches, then by the following holiday season they will sell out again.

Stoked for the response to both consoles.  I play PC games too, but I definitely favor console gaming, so the big reaction to both MS and Sony's new offerings is really encouraging for my platform of choice.  Hate the fanboy nonsense, really representative of the worst in people.