If you listened to the Ryse Reviews, you have my sympathy.

Anyone who missed out on Ryse because of the reviews I honestly feel sorry for you. Ryse proves once again that video game reviewers are not the voice of the people. The moment the game started I was floored by the graphics. Stunning is a word that doesn't do it justice. From the sheen of light on a water soaked sword to the pores on the face of your main character, you are given a visual treat. I've never seen a more detailed console game EVER. The reviews called it a tech demo for the Xbox One. That. Is. So. Wrong. Yes, it demonstrates the power of the Xbox One (Out of the box that is), but at any given time you can be staring at something and marvelling at it's expert crafting. Lip Syncing is wonderful, and the facial expressions of characters is an absolute joy. Without spoiling the story, I felt for the characters. The raw emotion they give off with the voice acting and character design is seriously impressive. But that only gets a game so far, I know. The gameplay is the selling point. Is it as bad as the reviews say?

Well the phrase 'absolutely not' comes to mind. Yes, it's very much hack away at someone until you are ready to execute them. But there are different ways to fight. You can be a counter-attacker, a defender, or a brawler. There are various things you can upgrade such as health and awareness, but this system comes across as something you do just because it tells you to. I'm 3 hours in, and I've killed a LOT of barbarians. There are different things such as formations so you can charge archers, you can use giant crossbows in a turret sort of sequence, and my favourite, there are barrages. When your guys are in position you can actually use Kinect to call for an Archer volley or a catapult strike.

What combat gets right is something that Assassin's Creed could actually learn from. Defence Breaks and counter combos can be done at any time, rather than when your opponent tries to hit you. There is a certain awareness you have to have when you are fighting as well. You can be hit by arrows and by catapults if you aren't paying attention. Executing people is very easy because once you enter an execution sequence, you kill the guy. No matter what buttons you press, you'll take him down. In order to make this more fun, I've taken to dwindling each attacker's health to nothing, and then trying to use the execution sequence to kill them all at the same time. Watching you pull your sword out of a guy's head, taking the leg of another guy, impaling a third guy, stabbing the second guy again, removing the third guy's arm, then gutting him before turning your sword on the second guy for the last time with a centurion spine stab, is RIDICULOUSLY SATISFYING. There is still a lot more to see, but anyone who let Gamespot's 4/10 put them off this game, I have to say you are missing out on something pretty glorious.

Will I go back and play the campaign again when I'm done? Not likely, unless it's for a tougher difficulty. But once will be plenty to experience the absolute jaw-dropping cinematic values that you get with Ryse. If you enjoyed Chainsawing people in Gears of War, or curbstomping them, and you never got sick of it, then this game is absolutely for you. 


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[quote user="IIFatalshockII"]Will I go back and play the campaign again when I'm done? Not likely, unless it's for a tougher difficulty[/quote]


Says it all really.

Davee Cee

Thanks for the heads up and I NEVER listen or read reviews for any game i'm interested in...Ryse is def top of my list of must haves...I keep hearing about repetition but every single game has repetition of some kind.

Sounds like a renter to me, if there's no worthwhile replayability. It sounds like it will be a fun and awesome ride when I rent it -- a worthwhile weekend of entertainment. But I don't want to pay the money to have it forever if I'm never going to come back to it.

i never bought into the reviews harping on repetitive game play. all game play is repetitive. i mean people will play thousands of matches of halo or cod and get tens of thousands of kills with a single weapon, how is that not repetitive? i really dont think repetition is an inherent problem for gamers if what they are repeating is something they enjoy. obviously this game looks great visually, so i cant see how anyone who has some interest or enjoyment in the roman era wouldnt have some fun with this.

This is why gamers who actually play the games should do the reviews... not suits who "Played" video games when they were younger and now do it for a living...

I need to correct myself about something: The more I play, the more I'm starting to think that there are certain levels I could easily re-play. The Beach taking from the demo for example, is something I have already re-played, and the chain towers as well. I just love the production values. I take it back, I think I could easily come back for another go of the campaign. Some people wont want to, but I'm having a lot of fun.

I've played games that were rated real low that I've loved and ones rated high that I've hated so I know what you mean. Now my only prob is that I really want to try this game now and don't have it...lol.

If they could release a demo where you play the Beach taking mission, I think it would sell a lot more copies.

You make a good point dudeskis.

I think it comes down to whether you enjoy the basic thing you're repeating.

I don't like racing games, because driving around a track over and over again seems repetitive/boring to me.

But I've been known to play World of Warcraft, endlessly grinding mobs and raiding dungeons for specific, rare loot drops. I know tons of people who would think that was the most boring waste of time ever.

My wife won't play through ANY game more than once -- and always on the easiest difficulty setting. Why? She is only interested in the story. She considers games to be an interactive storytelling medium, and views the gameplay as little more than context setting up the next piece of the story.

I love online multiplayer games because it feels to me that every match is unique and different when you play against real human beings, even though some people would find it boring playing the same game on the same small selection of maps over and over.

I think sports games are the most ridiculous and repetitive and boring things in the world, and they're obviously one of the biggest selling and most popular game genres EVER. I'm clearly in the minority there.

O stoed reading, sorry fatal. But I agree ruse is the best looking game Iv ever seen the part where U R in the water WOW

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