If the X1 had of been 399.99 would you have still been upset about the Kinect in ever box?

Just wondering if it was the same price as the PS4 would people still complain...


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To me it isnt really the price its the kinect in general. If i could put the kinect ina box somwhere i wouldnt give a crap regardless of the price tag being 499.99 that is just me.

Ill take the bait.. LOL

yup... they wouldve complained about the batteries taking AA  ... wait...

umm the kinect needing to be.....   wait

the specs compared to.... ummmm wait...

shall I go on...

I wouldn't and i would've planned on buying the x1 first if they were the same price.NSA fear mongerers would probably still be complaining about the kinect2 though

[quote user="Aevid"]If i could put the kinect ina box somewhere[/quote]You can. That "somewhere" is however far the end of the cable reaches from the connection point on the console.

I won't purchase what I don't want, regardless of the price. Now I think they should have implemented drm, with $50 games, but thats a different subject

I think Microsoft really dropped the ball with the $499 price tag.  It is not 2005, the economy has drastically changed.  Alot  of people has either lost their job or seen their wages take a major hit. I still plan on buying an Xbox One at some point in the spring but I highly suspect many will obviously go for the lower cost PS4 simply for the value.  Microsoft does have better innovation in my sole opinion, but really the price tag is what is going to turn many people off to it.   I can almost guarantee if Microsoft lowered the price NOW to $399 to genuinely compete with Sony then it wouldn't even be a question, Microsoft would blow Sony out of the water.  They obviously have plenty of time to do this but many spokesmen for Microsoft are still standing firm on the price and their justification for it.  So I wouldn't hold my breathe on them ever lowering the cost atleast until maybe mid 2014.   This is just an opinion, nothing more, I plan on getting both consoles down the road anyways.

For the millionth time, I dont care about the price, I dont care about K2 being in the box, what I do care about is having to keep it plugged in. Why people dont understand this is amazing!

because too many of us love playing games, and are poorer than we were when the xbox 360 came out, lord dirt. not all of us are rich like you dude.

I am not rich, I save my money and we have known about these consoles for a year now.

all this talk about price.. but yet, I bet most of you have this...


 After buying the Iphone4 for same price 3 years ago...

and will be buying an Iphone 6 due out next year sometime for closer to $800USD

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