if forza had a neck id strangle it!!!!!

Has anyone else managed to get into a game on forza? i search for a game it says match found connects me to the lobby then says unable to get session.


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My NAT is open i did a port forward and static ip

will do it just says unable to join session when ever i do it ig ot told in reinstall the game by xbox support

You should be over on Turn 10's site complaining and inquiring.  

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whats modes do u play Randver


Try League Select > Modern Sport Compact or Class Races > D class or C class. Just tried all three and they have about a half dozen or more people in any of the races.

I've run dozens of races on Forza 5 without an issue. What league/division are you trying to race in? Some are very empty and that could be the problem rather than a connection issue.

Heya m8,if I see ya on in a bit il send ya a party inv and get a game running,but im starting to think is this anything to do with peoples NAT setting,as even though im getting into games the lobbys are still very empty,like the nat on the xb1 isnt very visible,you have to actually go into settings and then network to veiw it,I had a right palava getting it on open,at launch.alot of peopled ive spoken to are stuck on moderate,which wont make any difference with bf4 or ghosts cause of the dedicated servers,but it seems to with party chat obviously other games.im finding no joy with nfs rivals at present to for mp. Well they shut down some of xb1 for social and gaming fixes 30 odd hours ago for squads mode in ghosts,chop chop xb1,it aint all about COD!

Maybe the E3 build is the one that had the good multiplayer. I mean everything else changed so why not that?

whats modes do u play Randver

My NAT was already on open, I don't have Forza but getting a game on BF4 online was really easy