Ideas for a redesign in 3-4 years!

I tried out a demo unit at Gamestop. Also tried the PS4. I thought I would like the PS4 more, no... I don't. The controller in my opinion is very awkward. The Xbox One controller is... Wow... I'm surprised how much I like it. I might actually just support the Xbox One over the PS4. I'm not gonna buy an Xbox One right now, as it is too expensive and I tend to wait for the redesigns for these consoles. But I figured I'd make this post to suggest some improvements for a redesign, which is going to happen people. It happened with PS1, PS2, PS3, 360, Wii, Snes, Nes, and will happen with Xbox One and PS4. The improvements I wanna see is obviously make it smaller. Get rid of the power brick... Im tired of having to lug that around for the 360. Also... How about a built in rechargable battery for the controller... That is like the only major downside for the controller? That'd be super. So I'll wait, like I always do for systems. I'll keep playing my 360 till then. Share some ideas for a slim you would like in a few years. :)

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You can put a rechargeable (other than AA) battery in the controller the time you buy a One there will probably be cheaper third party rechargeable batterie available as well.

With all due respect, Your going to buy a console solely based on the controller. Please don't take this the wrong way. But are you Mad!!!!!!!


When most people buy a games console console, the include stuff like Value for Money, What they are getting, Power of console, available games to play, What you do and don't get free with said console, Looks, etc. Plenty and plenty of things.


And you tried the controllers for a bit at a shop???? You need a little more time than that to decide which controller is best. Personally the DS4 has come a long way from the DS3, it is heavier, bigger and more responsive than ever. And the Xbox One controller, is better than its Forbear in most respects.


If i was you, i would still be on the Atari 2600, because in my opinion, that was the best Joystick ever made. Clean simple, and great for track and field........ :-)

OP it not the controller. It the games. That why I want XB1 and not POS4.

So let me get this straight. You want them to make the box smaller with an internal power supply? You really do want your console to die quickly. I personally prefer the external brick to keep that heat out of the console. I agree we will probably see a redesign but I don't think it will move the power brick internal. Also just sayin if controllers have rechargeable packs and the pack dies then your controller is no good. I also like removable batteries. Sorry, I agree a redesign will come but I feel both of these ideas would be a step backwards for the console.

I'm with Camaro here.. but I guess it depends how you use the device. You mentioned "lugging around" your 360, so I take it you actually take the console with you fairly often? For me it's gonna be in the TV stand vast majority of time and not moved, so I dont mind big, well ventilated case with external power brick.


And I would never take an "integrated" battery that isnt user replaceable without voiding warranty. PS4 controller has this and not only is the battery life abysmal (5-8 hours or so?), but you can't do a damn thing about it. At least with X1 controller I can get some high capacity rechargeables myself to it.


But like your post implied, it seems you probably would have use for a smaller console with internal power supply if you like being mobile with your console. Obviously I have nothing against such version coming out, but I would not really prefer it over the "default". Obviously though as it would be a newer console it might have more power efficient components etc and you know the typical goodies that new console revisions bring. But internal power supply is not the thing that would make me consider getting one. Nor would I get a controller that doesn't have exchangeable batteries. And since I want em exchangeable, might as well buy some quality rechargeables myself. Although I've heard good things about the new play & charge-kit, whereas only really bad things about the 360 one :D (in terms of battery life)

[quote user="HairyLoveSpuds"]

With all due respect, Your going to buy a console solely based on the controller. Please don't take this the wrong way. But are you Mad!!!!!!!


The control pad can be pretty much make or break for a lot of people. I tried the DS4 and just didn't like it (though it is better a lot than the DS3) compared to the XB1 control pad.

Had I liked the DS4 more I may have considered buying a PS4. It was one of the most important factors of buying a system for me.

I think controller plays a huge part in deciding a console. While even without the controller I'm leaning more towards X1 as a console and with it's games, but I've never been fan of the DS design and I absolutely loved the 360 controller (the limited time I played with it, never owned one). It's still the thing you have in your hand like 100% of the time when you play things :D My PC mouse costs like 60€ cos I wanted a mouse that is good but also fits me, so I wouldn't downplay the value of controllers.

That said, if PS4 and X1 exclusives were switched around, I probably wouldn't buy any console at this time as I wouldnt want to get PS4 and not even the best controller would get me to play games I dont care about :D

The controller plays little to no part in my decision to purchase a console. If it is make or break for people, they need to try harder. Play with something long enough and you get used to it. What the console offers me as a gamer appeals more to me.


If it did, i would not own any console at all. As Joypads were never my thing. As i stated in my first post. If people solely based their purchasing decisions based on controllers they preferred. a lot of older people would still be on old computers and consoles using old 1 and 2 button joysticks. But no.


Binatone - Wheel pad

Amiga/Atari/PC/Spectrum/C64 (And many other various consoles and computer) - 1/2 button (sometimes more) This type of controller/Joystick took up most of my early gaming life

Master System Pad - 2 button and little stick

Megadrive pad - 3/6

Snes - 6 Buttons

PS1 - 8 buttons

Up and on with more and more features.


I have been playing from the beginning, and if controller made one bit of difference as to why i purchase a console, i would own none, because in my eyes. My finest gaming years on my Atari, Spectrum, C64, Amiga, Master System, were all done with a generic 1/2 button joystick


I prefer the DS4 controller, because i have small hands, The X1 controller is a little large for me personally. But it did not stop me buying an X1, And then returning it because of the kinect not recognising my voice and return to UI issues i had (I will wait for the X1 to iron it's issues out).

I bought the first Xbox because of games like Halo or Morrowind,even the big gamepad and the big console  didn't stop me to buy it.

[quote user="Animekendo1000"]How about a built in rechargable battery for the controller...[/quote]How about a seven hour charge and no way to easily swap the battery when it dies?[quote]That is like the only major downside for the controller?[/quote]That's a major upside for me. The PS4 controller's battery life is pathetic to the tune of I leave mine tethered to the front of the console at all times.