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Hey there what would you guys think about having notification on when your friends pop achievements. I was thinking of showing them in a different colour as to avoid confusion, I think it would greatly improve the competitive spirit that is synonymous with achievements. Of course this functionality would have to be optional. Does anyone think this would be a good idea?      


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bad enough when your playing a game or watching media you get pop ups when they come online, now you want to know every time one of em gets 5G?.....not for me Im afraid, you can see their gamescore...that will be enough

Well I said it should be optional.

Not for me either again agree with Cokney its bad enough when there name pops up when your playing but for stupid achievments to be popping up on the screen ..... no thanks


Are you that motivated about gs that if somebody on your friends list got an achievment to go above your gs then you would be all out to get an achievment to get back on top so to say?

I imagine that would be highly distracting, with 20-30 fiends online at once, a notification every couple of minutes? No thanks.


Perhaps an extra tab on the friends profile view, with say, their last five to ten achievements listed maybe?

30 or 40 people on your friends list and your gonna have pop ups going off left right and centre , drive you mad!

Well he did say it would be an optional feature. What it should be is it is auto off. And you select the gamercard and there would be an option to enable this feature just for this person. So you dont get spammed by loads of notifications.

I agree with Cokney and Lew. It would be too distracting.

If it was optional, a very very small percentage of people would have it on IMO of course.

If I could pick which friends it notified me about it then yea would be helpful especialy when trying to get cheevos in co-op or multiplayer

This would be great, especially when you get mutliple achievements at once, send your friend a party invite and an invite to join the game, they join the party, you get disconnected from live, reconnect, rejoin the party.

I could easily cut down my friends list without feeling guilty about removing people. (Although there'd still be that sadness when you realise someone's missing).

For those annoyed with online pop ups (friends, etc) but still like to see when a cheevo pops

Set your online status to busy

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