iam being searched trolled by a group of hackers

I have been searched in any game I play from destiny to plants vs zombies  24/7 day and night any hour of the day  by a group of hackers who can drop the connection of any game as well as lag switch plus they can all search together finding me in party's then using team work to make it very difficult to win I have deleted all friends changed my gamer tag twice but the problem persist this has been happening for about 8 months and its kind of  scary to think people have that power online my internet is fine I run at 9.0 upload 15 download on weird connection these people gamer tags are always random new ones what I mean by that is its normally a gamer tag that Microsoft randomly give you when you start a new account for example planned [Mod Removed] I look at the gamer card of these people they have between 5 to 9 friends normally really low hours on the game they are playing but massive Gamerscore between 50 and 70 thousand hardly no games played maybe 1 0r 2 theses accounts are just fake used for hacking  I don't understand how they can have that many accounts and be able to search me and find me no when iam online no when to search or how they can drop the connection of a game in a second its so frustrating having the odds always  stacked against me I really want this sorted  


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they most likely have your IP address and there just ddosing it to break your connection, give your ISP a call and ask them if they can give you a new IP address and you should be good to go

I would make sure all your privacy settings are done correctly so nothing is showing publicly. If that fails contact your ISP and explain the situation and they will be happy to assist you im sure.

Okay thanks will ring my ISp asap

Also file a complaint via your console enforcement.xbox.com/.../HowTo

You are not allowed to call out gamertags on the forums.

I  have a dynamic up it changes everytime I restart the router. Iam blocking and reporting on a daily basis nothing changed Iam still matched with these people dosent matter the game or time and it's constanly rigged for me to lose all the gamertags look like they just been made non look legit accaounts I just about had enough now thinking about just selling my x box and quitting gameing.

I had my last game a day a go haven't played online since have finally come to terms that Microsoft cant help or do anything it been going on for so long its a joke. I have  now passed my account onto my brother unlike me he's happy to play these people he just has fun and plays but really what i want to say  for all those people who legitly play this game beware  there are people online who can search you 24/7 any time any game and then doss your router and team up against you making every game rigged there also able to change gamer tags frequently and have a lot experience playing these games it wrong that i had to stop playing but like i said i have come to terms with it and now moving on just wanted to worn the good guys i prey no one else has this problem good gaming stay safe.