I'm thinking of buying this TV for the Xbox One launch... thoughts??

Here: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/samsung-samsung-40-1080p-60hz-led-smart-tv-un40eh5300fxzc-un40eh5300fxzc/10201528.aspx?path=be6d9409d9635388517b5c348e153bc5en02


Do you think this would be a good TV for the Xbox One? Please let me know your thoughts as I am hoping to go get it tomorrow. Thanks :)


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Not bad but I would go for 120herz, since you are from Canada if you have Visions store in your area, you might be able to find something even better for that price

edit: it says it has 120 CMR motion enhancement technology, I believe thats the same as 120hz, could be wrong

waste, you do know black Friday is next week! WAY better deals

what is your price range? Fry's has a similar one for under $600


We have boxing day here Dec 26th, no Black Friday unfortunately

Yeah unfortunately we dot have Black Friday deals here in Canada.. And LD, we don't have Frys either, haha.

What ever you do please dont buy from Best Buy! My bought a TV from there, it broke and now he has to wait until January to get it fixed.... He brought it in on October 19th...

I say no. Go for 120hz stay away from 60hz too slow of refresh rate. Vizio's are good as well most of their internals are samsung parts and you can pick up a razor LED series from vizio at Walmart for the same price with 120hz this one is 42" $498 and it's 3D ready

I do not think Refresh rate means all that much with video games, but in general, I like my TVs to be at 120 hz. The one that you have is at 60 hz. If you could try to find something with 120 hz. But that is your choice since games will be 30-60 fps on next gen consoles.

I know you do not have Black Friday, but, because I do where I am, Walmart is having a doorbuster where theres a 60 in., 120 hz Vizio tv for 688.

You should be able to find deals though somewhere. Up to you though.

I have a Samsung UN40EH5000 which is very similar to that set except it does not have any "Smart TV" features. I chose this one because according to some websites, the EH5000 series has better colors than the 5300. You will have a great TV on your hands no matter what when you choose Samsung.

Check out this article on IGN about best TVs for gaming....m.ign.com/.../the-best-hdtvs-for-gaming . I hope the URL/link works..my apologies if it doesn't

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