I'm intrested in the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle

Hello I was intrested in this model. It says limited edition so I wanted to know how many of these things are going to be made? Will they be available around christmas time in stores?

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It's hard to say exactly how many will be made but since they are out now, I wouldn't count on being able to get one from a retailer at Christmas time unless you get one from Amazon.com or something like that.

I was interested, as I'm a big Star Wars fan & I really like the design, but... In the end, it's just a little too juvenile & (honestly) geeky for me to include as part of my A/V gear. I put all of my Star Wars figures & other collectibles away long ago. The Star Wars console would seem more like one of them than a console. Besides, I have zero desire to purchase a Kinect and the game doesn't look like what I thought it was going to be.

I would consider getting it because I love the way it looks, but I feel like the Kinect would be a waste of time because I would never use it.


I saw the looks of it and dang, that system looks sweet. Alas my system works just fine so I'm going to spend my tax money elsewhere lol.

For those who are still sitting on the fence ...


I've come down from the fence and decided against purchasing it. My main resons being...


1: It's just a bit too juvenile/geeky for me

2: I do not want to pay for or support Kinect in any way

3: I'm not giving MS any more of my money for another new 360

4: The gold chrome controller would be a fingerprint nightmare

5: I'm no longer interested in the Star Wars game

Newegg already has it on sale.


The Newegg link you supplied has it listed at 449.97 -- Which is what everyone seems to have it for sale at.

Amazon gives you a $50 credit if you buy it from them.


Mine arrived today. It's staying in its box until after PAX East.