i'm doing a presentation about xbox at college

i want to put in the overall sales of xbox consoles but I can't find any reliable figures on the internet. if you know please tell me. also i'm doing pros and cons of xbox, if anyone has any pros or cons, please share.


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Why don't you contact the corporate office for the sales?  As to pro and cons are you talking hardware, game library, online vs single vs coop,  etc.

with pros and cons I am talking about everything and anything.

how do I contact corporate office?

I am doing a presentation comparing xbox and playstation. I am doing pros and cons about both

google's your friend

Microsoft Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-7329

Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-882-8080

Fax Number: 1-425-706-7329

Customer Service Number: 1-800-642-7676

Sadly they don't really publish these in detail. There are companies that track hardware and software sales for investors, but those reports cost thousands of dollars. Those are detailed like when and how much each month though.


NPD does release a fairly accurate overall picture of hardware sales that should be more than enough to show how many consoles have been sold for a report.


Pros and cons just use google and lookup PS3 and Xbox 360 and set the search date parameters to a month before and after their releases. Just like how there are a ton of articles going over every detail of the PS4 vs Xbox One there were articles detailing PS3 vs Xbox 360 that should provided you with a lot of material. Plus a lot of websites are running post ops on the PS3 and 360 since launch and how they have evolved from basically purely gaming consoles into multimedia platforms.

i'm not just doing ps3 and xbox 360 i'm doing playstation and xbox in general

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i'm not just doing ps3 and xbox 360 i'm doing playstation and xbox in general


Usually doing a college project requires you to do some actual research..Limited information is out there, and in  the time you have spent waiting for others to tell you where the information is in this thread, you could have found the info already.

I have done a lot of research but i get different figures for the sales and I was getting other peoples opinions about the xbox


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