I'd really like to go all digital but MS you're making it very hard!

I'd like to go all digital, I really would. But we're 6 days out from launch and already Best Buy and Walmart have sales on games. The MS store? No such luck. I can buy DR3, COD Ghosts, Forza, Ryse, AC4, Madden, Battlefield 4, Fifa, Need for Speed Rivals all for $10 cheaper at Walmart and Best Buy right now. Sure, digital is "more convenient", but not when I'm at the store and certainly not $10 more convenient. Like most people I usually have to leave my house and go to work, so it's no big deal to stop on the way home to grab a game. Makes the decision to go digital that much more difficult if retailers are going to be able to outprice the MS store in such a way. Maybe MS will offer Black Friday deals on One games, but I won't hold my breath.


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Dont forget TRU is having a Buy one get one 40% off sale soon as well. Main reason I will not buy digital is because I can get games cheaper in stores. Plus I can then sell it when I am done.

$10 still doesn't persuade me to buy disc based games, especially when I can just switch games on the fly. Now in a years time when games are half of what they were originally and MS games are still full retail, that's a different story.

I usually just play one game at a time so switching discs quickly (saves seconds) doesnt matter to me.

amazon also has them for $10 off too. even ps4 games, both physical and the digital codes.


this is one area ms is really dropping the ball. no matter how you look at it, even the biggest fanboys cant defend them here.


my problem is its worth $10 to not have to swap discs. i keep my hardware in a separate room.

i have a question once the game is installed i mean the physical you dont  need the disc any more or you still need to put the disc inside, i havent any physical yet only the digital copy that came with my X1 so that why im asking

We all know what MS are like ... Stores have to compete with other stores, MS have to compete with no one. They make money if you buy at store and if you're stupid enough to go digital they make even more money. It's a win win for them

@george - physical discs have to be in to play the game.

i don't see where games at best buy are $10 off

Best Buy will match the price of Amazon and Wal-Mart. You have to tell them to match it.