I'd rather have a root canal than use this Kinect.

I'm being 100% honest. (and I've had a few root canals)


 The Kinect is not intuitive, it's delayed & horribly innacurate.

 I was not thrilled about the inclusion of Kinect since I'm an

oldschool gamer. I would have never bought it, but it was forced on me

so I figured what the heck, why not give it a try? I don't currently

own an IR Blaster, and it sounded neat enough to change TV channels

without the need of a physical remote. The entire process is painful

and doesn't work well at all.

 First of all you have to say "Xbox select" before any command. This

gets tiresome really quick.
 I tried using the TV function, and it drove me nuts. Saying "watch

TVLAND" more often than not brought up "TBS". I couldn't for the life

of me ever get the console to turn off by saying "Xbox off" or Xbox

select, *pause*, Xbox off.
 I do not find the kinect fun or useful at all. Have you ever made a

call to a company and had a Robot secretary that couldn't accomplish

anything with so much that you had to say "Operator" or press "0" on

your phone just to get connected with a live person? That's the Xbox

One's kinect.
 It may have a redeeming quality for those that use Skype for video

chat often, but if you do you probably already had a PC and a webcam.
 I couldn't hate this thing more, so I pray that Microsoft soon offers

a Kinectless SKU so I can sell this useless & annoying piece of crap on

eBay to somebody that primarily plays Let's Dance or wants it for

*Xbox Select*, *Xbox Go home*, *Xbox sell Kinect on eBay*.


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IDK i think its alright im sure it will only get better over time....Saying "Xbox On" never gets old lol

Xbox Select. Xbox Select, Xbox Select.

Xbox Select, Xbox this. Xbox select, Xbox that. Xbox select, Xbox Kinect please work this time.


Jesus Christ, I'll take a controller, thanks. lol


This thing is awful and I now know why people didn't want it bundled with the console. It's garbage (and very annoying garbage at that).

It's a shame, the entire multimedia aspect of the Xbox One is garbage thanks to the Kinect. Absolute and utter trash.

Thank goodness that it plays games. I was happy enough with my Xbox One until I tried out the Kinect. I honestly wish that I never had, as it sours the experience.

I haven't any issues at all. Sorry it hasn't been the best for ya.

You don't have to say xbox select before every command, I think you are experiencing operator error.

*Xbox Off*:

"cannot pause now"


When CAN you power your TV and Xbox off?


I thought with the Kinect I could turn my TV on in the morning, select my channel of choice, and turn my TV/Xbox off before I left for work? I can't even get it to choose the correct channel. The Kinect is the biggest POS I've ever owned (and I drove a Ford Pinto at one point in my life). It's exactly like speaking to a robot-operator on the phone that can't do anything right.

It's "Xbox, Turn off"

Sure thing silver :-)

Learn to use it before you trash it. Your not even giving the right command for "xbox turn off".


Thanks. I'll never know since I refuse to use the POS again.

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