I will live and die by xbox, but i do wish for some changes.

First of all. I owned the original the 360 and now the one.  I love my xbox to the core.  But after a few hiccups trying to play battlefield 4 I am very pleased with the results but more importantly the potential.  First and foremost i need the party system to work flawlessly.  the core of my entire xbox experience was about partying it up with my friends.  Most of the time it works well but every once in a while little bugs will come up like not able to start party chat for what ever reason and it tells me to try again later.  hopefully the fix is quick and simple. Next thing i noticed or didn't notice is the ability to voice message my friends.  Not sure were it went but something that definitely needs to come back.  I have also noticed that it seems to take a lot of steps to get anything i want done like invite a friend to a party or change up party features or any of the little things you could do in screens on the xbox 360 that only required a single button to access.  Maybe its the fact that i am not used to the dashboard yet and i will learn but for someone that has played years on the 360 i was hoping for and upgraded experience that felt like home. Anybody know what i mean?  Oh and last thing is wtf did they do to my option of a theme on xbox dashboard?  love the tiles hate the black background.


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Yep, no hard drive viewing, no controller charge indicator, no auto sign in without K2, etc. seems weird the regressed some

I don't have the one but, I'm pretty sure these issues can be fixed with a simple title update to update the dashboard and such a bit. My best estimate is that there will be a title update around early next year perhaps? who knows.

I love this system too and agree with the item the above posters have said. And first and foremost we need the external storage now!

Would be nice to get some media center functionality so I don't have to run my Xbox 360 and Xbox one at the same time.

Yeah we should be able to access the harddrive that's just silly IMO. The party chat issues need a fix soon.