I was lost now I'm found

For those gamers who can't seem to sign on to Xbox live be cause of the update...and you put in the correct email and password linked to your profile and tried everything under the buns..I've got the answer...I myself had the same problem and tried everything and then followed a last step to redowIoad profile i tried and found myself without my profile I had for 5yrs...I followed a series of options from Xbox support..and that's when poof it was gone and told me that profiles couldn't be downloaded at this time...well to make a long story short you don't have to go thru all that b.s. I talked to a support person we went thru it all and it was the simplest thing ever....on the Xbox menu hub go to Settings, than System Settings and than storage.. (DON'T PRESS THE A BUTTON PRESS THE Y BUTTON WHEN IT'S HIGHLIGHTED) than go to clear system cache...instead of doing it once...do it 3times in a row than shut off your Xbox and than turn it back on...worked for me and my profile is back online after a week of wtf 's....don't know if it will work for everyone but for me it did...and I had the 8015d002 and 80151011 errors and those are the more uncommon ones the ones where your profile could be muffed forever....good luck gamers

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add Security Proofs to your account: account.live.com/proofs

Please log in with your Microsoft Account and add a telephone number and alternative email address. To add a new proof click the Add option under both Phone Number and Alternative Email Address. Please note that both security proofs must be verified after being added.

As soon you’ve added and verified these security proofs, you will be able to log into your account again. If for any reason you are still experiencing issues logging in, please follow the steps below on your Xbox console:

1.       Delete your profile from the console. For this, navigate to Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive/Memory Unit > (Gamer) Profiles and then select your profile and opt for Delete Profile Only

2.       Clear system cache. For this, navigate to Settings > System > Storage > Highlight the Storage Device and press Y > Select Clear System Cache

3.       Re-download your profile by pressing the Xbox Guide button on the controller and selecting Download Profile

·         For a point by point guide please visit this link: support.xbox.com/.../profile-move-delete

·         A complete description of all account security aspects can be found here: www.xbox.com/.../Account-Security