I was compared to a potato. Ouch. **** over Xbox.

I was talking to another gamer. We are good friends and had been Skype calling. She then compared how attractive I was to a potato. o_o By the way, I'm male. Any advice? As I was verbally assaulted over Xbox Live, and felt like I should reach out to the community for some real help. 


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Open your freezer find some Ice cubes or frozen veg apply to burned area

Might be best to block communications, remove them from your friends list and chalk it down to experience. If you no longer wish to speak with this person. Perhaps being more selective about who you chat with on Skype might help also?.

But it is the Internet, inevitably you will meet some people you wish you hadn't. 

Here is a guide on how to use reporting tools if you feel that is necessary, and  there's some other useful information too. As there isn't really anything else to be done I will lock this up. 

Thanks :).