I want to see Bad Fur Day and Battletoads Reboot for Xbox One

Rare need a come back to make great games again. Alot of people missed old Rare because they were make great games use to be. Now they making boring Kinect games only that is sad. They need to back to action and developing new IP games for Xbox One. Maybe bring back Rare old games on new engine. That why I make this topic about reboot Rare old games. I want to see uncensored Bad Fur Day 2 to make the game better. Bad Fur Day suppose to be mature only game. Look at South Park Stick of Truth now they are successful because over the top and funny jokes. Also important a good game play as well. Most of game companies is not making a good games now and days. Current game companies want money and don't care their fan base.......How sad isn't? Now Rare have a chance to be big again and they deserve better than making Kinect games only. Rare have a creativity to make great game their own. If you listen Microsoft don't waste Rare great talent in your team.

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your right but i really want to see double dragon battle toads please

Yep me too.