I wanna say you thank you Microsoft

This is not a critical letter but a letter of gratitude.

I always remember a day when i was about 12 - 13 years old, in a shop i try i game (halo) and i'm be enchanted from that, i watch this big black box and after months and months saving pocket money i finally buy this xbox and complete halo... essentially i buy it only for halo and halo 2 because i'm always been a fan of JRPG turn old style and ther ara not game like this for that platoform.

When I buy the Xbox360 i'll buy it for two reason.... ""low price"" for a new and performant hardware and after reading news about RPP - JRPG for that platform (this time the menu is ok].

[thanx a lot for Lost Odissey had believed in much titols that probably have no a big marchet expecially in europe ooutside jap [blue dragone, tales of vesperia ecc...].

I'm never be interested in play online game, because if i like or i'm attraccted from the idea of online game sincerly i run to buy a ps3 in my head if i pay the hardware, if hay pay the software, and i pay the provider for internet connection i never give another money to micrsoft or any other for using at 100% service that i pay also for the best quality i think that if y pay another penny i can see an idiot  and myself in the mirror. That's my personal opinion nothing more nothing less.

I try to connect xbox360 with ethernet cable in two ocaasion for a patch that solve a bug in Call of duty game (i not a fan of the call of duty but kill tha nazi soldiers is always wonderfull.. my crezy mind and wiah ...] and i try after  6-7 years for patch of skyrim, my old pc was dad, i must buy a new and i'll not be able to conecct with internet this time i try  3 - 4 hours and stop i download patch trough a friends.

I finally arrive to the point, i never been intrested in online game, and in any case i'm really really happy for your hardware, for the role play game that arrive for xbox360.... but in this days i read rumors about a really probably always online required for play to your titles if this is true personally i not buy your or any other consoles that subordinate me an internet service, or block the possibility of play a game from secondhand market, or land from a friends same thing for a limit of this possibility (why i can't land a game to my 5 firends and i must choice 2 of them if i have a limit for that game for 3 different cosnole [is an example].

I simply like have the total propriety without restrinction of things that i buy, i not like must have internet subordinate hardware, if a day i decided stop pay internet and living without that i can't play to my videogames????? no, is not acceptable for me.

So i wait official news but, probably the nextgeneration console microsoft [if i think to a stupid posts to Adam Orth 90%  if he defended the always online restrinction is becasue that will be the nextgen microsoft console decision].

That are my opinions and motivation for say you thank you a lot for ecceptional xbox360 games and a smart but quality offert for JRPG i'm sorry to not play the nexts halo but there are condition that i never accept i'm sure that the major part of mondial population/market target have no problem with that and you have think a lot to the god and bad consequences of that choice SAJONARA AND REALLY GOD JOB WITH XBOX360 PROBABLY I CONTINUE TO PLAY WITH THAT FOR A LONG TIME.


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the always on I could live with (not) but a Kinect that's required? I can always cover the cameras with a towel or turn it upside down so MS can't spy on me.... hahahaha

Wow, that was um.. Really something.  Do people ever read over their posts before posting?

Ya its been a great run always liked the xbox over the PS.....now its back to the PS

Can not stand 2 things always on internet and have to have kinect

Not in my house it will never happen

I already rolled my eyes at this one

You really should wait for official news about the new console instead of posting blatant gibberish.

Happy Gaming.