I Used a USB flash drive to save battlefield 3 information (Data) and it disappeared!!


I moved all my battlefield 3 data to an USB flash drive (of my own not for Xbox, but Configured) and then turned off the console after moving them . After a while I turned it on and found everything vanished! And I had to reconfigure it , it is still continuing to happen! Where should i store my files??!! I won't appreciate buying a hard drive for only 12 GB to save from BF3 premium pack!
Note: I tried also moving the USB while the console is on , but the same result is being repeated!
I'd appreciate help!
Thanks you,


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It seems that there was a problem with your flash drive.

After formatting it in the xbox did it say that it meets the system requirements?

I have done the same with my slim 250, my battlefield 3 premium seemed to have issues with my Black Ops2. I wanted to move my battlefield to flash to keep it separate from my hard drive. I formatted an 8 gig but was too small to more battlefield to, so I moved black ops instead. I have no issues now.

Try using another flash drive. Yours might be corrupt.