I think Xbox One has finally got Dolby Digital output through Optical?

So at least once a week I will search "Xbox One Dolby Digital" to see if there has been any news about DD Optical Output, today I saw post in GameFAQS that was listing the new feature one of the features the poster listed was:

"OPTICAL and HDMI audio settings have an option for "BITSTREAM OUT" (no idea what it is. IT gives you an option between DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital)"

So I am not sure if the March update is actually bringing DD but I would assume that the poster has the update as is listing all the features. Do you think this could actually be Dolby Digital Optical Output?

Here is the source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/691088-xbox-one/68666967


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Bistream is undecoded audio. It means the console can take an audio stream from a source (like a Blu-ray) and send that audio out the HDMI and optical ports. Normally, bistreaming means that any audio from the player software or the system is no longer available because the audio stream is just whatever was encoded on the disc. It can't be mixed with app or console sounds.

2 different people that claim to have the march update beta have said to me that dolby digital surround is now available with it. I am hoping that this is true cause I have a set of Astro 40 waiting to be used and I also have a headset chat adapter on the way, according to the tracking info from the Microsoft store I should have that adapter tomorrow!

i blimmin hope so becasue here at game in UK the headset xb1 adaptors will be in store march the 4th,according to speaking to the manager today.WOOP! TB XP SEVENS xb1 here we come.

Its been very wrong the amount of friends in the US that pre ordered the x0 7s 200 dollars and have had 2 delays now after paying the money,MS has got to give that licence out to the headset makers.

It's entirely possible MS is misusing the term...

I have the March update and I can confirm that it does add Dolby digital for optical out. I am now able to use my turtle beaches with surround sound and it even lights up indicating that source is DD.  Microsoft has really stepped up and listened to consumers. I am impressed. Here's hoping there's better dvr integration in future, or possibly vice commands to change tv inputs

And now the mic from my turtle beach tango active , then ths part is complete ;-)


" Microsoft has really stepped up and listened to consumers"

Actually more like picked up the ball they dropped. From the way it sounded, it was in the plans all along, they have just finally implemented it. It really should have been there from the beginning. It was silly that it wasn't. It's not like it's a new concept.

So is it confirmed yet ???? We get DD thru optical ? Can I use my home speakers or is it just for the headset ???

im a big audiofile, i really am hoping that Dolby Digital Surround Sound is in the march update.

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