i think ive been hacked or either booted offline

my name is marcus and yesterday i was playing online and a kid invite me to a party on xbox live at first we was cool then out of no where he called me a *** so me and him got the arguing then he said im booting you offline i have your ip you not geting back online your account is gone so then he kicked me about 1 min later i was offline and i cant get back on its says i need to put in my password and email and i did but it says it incorret i think he hacked my account i have my credit card on that acount my gamertag is IaMaWeSoMesaas i need help


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anyone there....??

Yes.  Why the need for more than one GT??   Why not just use the Report feature on the console???   YOU can also Avoid and Block this unwanted player.   Please reset your modem/router if you feel an IP change is needed and reed the DDOS FAQ.   Looks like you're still online to me :)   ( Hacking your xbox is an empty threat)   GOOD LUCK-------- Support is just a phone call or Tweet away.

BongKaos sums it up.

  • File a complaint so policy enforcement can investigate. 
  • Block communications so they cannot contact you.
  • DoS attacks require you to reset your router/modem and/or contact your ISP to stop the attacks from coming through. It's recommended that you contact your ISP.