I think I'm missing stuff: Integration with NAS / Virginmedia / Default to TV / etc...

Absolutely love the X1, but I can't help but think I'm missing something.

1:  Is it possible to access my own ripped movies/music from my NAS box (like I could with the 360)?

2:  Is there any integration with TV beyond watching it in what is effectively a frame-less window? (OneGuide has no control of anything - No TV guide, etc.  The only option I have is to "clear" the file)

3:  (most importantly) Is it possible for the X1 to turn on direct to TV as the default, rather than to the home screen?

4:  I only can find 18 apps in the (UK) store - Is that right?

Are these coming in the future, or am I missing a whole section of the menu?


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I believe as with most things, We always tend to get a little shafted with the release of Apps etc. I myself have only the same amount of apps. I believe full support for most things won't be available till the beginning of 2014.