I scratched off some of the numbers to my MS points code, what do i do?

anyone got any answers?, iv called MS and their not really helping much all they said was take a picture and send it to us.. i dont even know where to send it to! -.- 

any help at all is much appreciated! :)


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if you have the reciept and the points card was purchased recently just return it for a replacement. I have heard what they advised you to do done to others maybe someone or one of the so called Xperts can advise you further

Put the kettle on

Start guessing what the numbers could be while having to type out all 25 digits each and every time

Take a note of those you've tried

Good luck!

i did that once, it was like two sections worth 12 characters , they told me characters they couldnt be, and i eventually did it.

Yeah they said they'd do that for me but i didnt get an email from them :/ Any chance you'd be able to tell me the characters they dont use? :)

i cant remember sorry

I believe you email support.


However, to confirm this, you could actually ring them again, 0800 5871102, and should they ask you to email, ask them, to what email address you should send it to. Don't forget to put the reference number they give you either.

You need to scratch more lightly. Hope that helped.

How rigerously do you have to scratch off the silver part of a code card to scratch off the code?!?!?

lol just cry and have a tantrum hahahah gutting