i need some help with on line

what to renew my gold membership but the last 2 time times i did so i hardly used it

because i never got a nice time never fond people to play with and when i did thay kicked me i seen the bad side of on line for 2 years now so i just wondered if some one can show me the fun good side i whent to see is that to much to ask?


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What games do you play online? If you only play single player games than it probably isn't worth it.

I play single player mostly. I love comparing my scores with my online friends. There are exceptions, I play FPS mostly online. I like all the news and info on my dashboard. Go to a game forum that you enjoy and ask for friends, you will have a bunch in no time. I have mostly racers on my list. I don't need to play online for them to see my fastest lap and try to beat it.

i whent to paly on line more  its just eve on line game i had eve one was not nice to me but i ,ove chat to people and all that

There are millions of people on Xbox Live, lots of them are great to play with, and lots aren't, you just kinda have to stick with it and friend the people you enjoy gaming with. Mute those who you really don't want to listen to, you can also set them as avoided players to reduce your chances of running into them.

If there is a particular game you want to play, try posting in the game forum for that game to see if anyone there is nice enough to show you the ropes.

If you are friendly and up for having fun online, you should soon make some good friends on Xbox Live.

i all of that but the last 2 yers have bin nothing but bad times if i can ganrente that wont happen a gen i get some gould sd soon as i can

let being kicked out of a game roll off your back and ignore it. specially if you haven't done anything wrong. Otherwise you will end up just as bad as them.

As I have said it and I am sure others out there have to, there's no right way or wrong way to play a game, as long as you are not being a jerk yourself.

If you get yourself a copy of Dead Island feel free to add me, its the only online game Ill be playing until BF3 comes out, Im not that good so I just play for fun.