I need my gamertag changed

hi my name is Traisha I do not have an xbox I do have a windows 8 pc  here is what is going on I this is the chat I had with costumer support

Joms: Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Joms. Please give me a few minutes to read your question.
Joms: Hello there Traisha. I see here you mentioned you are unable to change the name on your account. Is that correct?
Traisha: yes
Joms: Got it, I'll be glad to assist you on chat/
Traisha: it just gave me a name and I don't like it it is offensive
Traisha: thank you
Joms: Okay, just to set expectations, 1. you can only change the gamertag in 30 days after the account has been created, 2. through a $10 gamertag change fee, 3. If you have been receiving complaints about a rude/ offensive gamertag.
Joms: If I may ask, what is your gamertag?
Traisha: SlobberyCone79
Traisha: I have been trying to change it from day one but it wont let me
Traisha: I have windows 8 and it made me an account and gave me that name
Joms: Oh I see.
Traisha: My husband is really mad
Traisha: and so am i
Joms: What you can try to do is request for a force gamertag change over at the Xbox Forums.
Joms: Since you find your gamertag offensive, what you can do is create a post over at the Xbox Forum explaining why.
Traisha: ok were do I go for that
Joms: Let me get you the link for the Xbox Forum.
Traisha: k
Traisha: they wont try to charge me right
Joms: Xbox Forum on how to change gamertag
Joms: They will not charge you.
Joms: I suggest that you click on the link, then sign in using your Microsoft Login information.
Traisha: ok thank you
Joms: That way, you can have the option to create a new post.
Joms: You are welcome Traisha.
Traisha: ok
Joms: If I may ask, was I able to answer your question tonight?
Traisha: yes but I don't know what to go to in the link
Traisha: do I just put up a new post
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [Personal info removed] Do not post personal info on the forums. at the end of your chat.
Joms: Good question, once you click on New Post, enter your reason why you want to change your gamertag.
Joms: That way the Enforcement Team can understand the level of importance for such request.
Traisha: oh ok
Joms: The enforcement team will reply to your post as soon as they receieve it.
Joms: Is there anything else I can clarify for you?
Traisha: no that is all thank you so much Joms
Joms: Thank you for taking the time to come to chat, It was my pleasure chatting with a nice person such as yourself.
Joms: Thank you for your kind consideration and patience on this mater.  It was my pleasure chatting with a nice person such as yourself.
Joms: Before we part ways, I will greatly appreciate if you'll close the chat window properly for me. Here's how:
Traisha: ok
Joms: Click on the “CLOSE CHAT” button located at the top right hand corner of the chat window. Thank you for contacting Xbox and have a pleasant evening.

Can you help me or not thanks


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Please don't make multiple posts for the same issue since you were answered in the last forums post

You will have to pay for the name change

The enforcement team is different from customer support the more practical person to change your name would be support but as they do not have the power like the guy said you cannot

Live life and play fair

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