i need help

ok so some kid stole my laptop and my xbox.
he has been logging on to my xbox gamertag and playing.
i called xbox support and asked if they could give me the ip addy and they really can't help me, but said the cops should be able to find it easy. apparently the cops in my small town are too ignorant to figure out how to do it.
so anyone know how i can tell them how to do it or be able to do it myself when they are loged on.
seeing someone play my stolen games on my stolen xbox is driving me crazy lol

hope this kind of question is allowed i'm desperate


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Did you ask the police in your town to contact Microsoft.

Have you made an official complaint to the police? If you have, and they also have the info to help locate the culprit, they must act. Surely?  

Here's some advice I wish someone had told me a long time ago.......cops don't care. Don't waste your time contacting the cops. Recover your gamertag, change password, and contact Microsoft.

You need to contact the cops to report the crime so that you can claim on your insurance and replace your stolen goods.

However, I agree that you need to contact microsoft to put an unauthorized access investigation on your account. You need to change your WLID password and regain control of your account.