I need help: adding a child profile

I want to add a profile for my 6-year-old daughter.  On the 360, I created a profile for her that was not an Xbox Live account.  We let her play around with the avatar and use it to sign in to play some games and watch movies.  I want to create a profile for her on the One, but it keeps asking for an email address.  My Hotmail address is already linked to my Live account, so I can't use it (I'm assuming).  I really don't feel comfortable creating an email address for a 6-year-old.  Am I missing something?  I can't seem to find any detailed information when I search, so I'm turning to the forums for help.  Thanks!


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I believe you need to use your e-mail address.

Add a new member to your Xbox One family


Creating a “family” on Xbox One helps you manage privacy and online safety settings for children.

Any adult in the family can add new members to the family. Adults and children in the family have different rights when it comes to managing the family. Learn more about who can manage the family.

To add a family member, follow these steps:

Note To add a new member to your family, you must be signed in to Xbox Live.

1.Press the Menu button on your controller, go to Settings on your console, and then scroll right to the FAMILY section. Select Add to family.

2.Choose who you want to add:

a.If the person you want to add to the family already has an Xbox Live profile saved on the console, select that profile.

b.The person must then sign in with the email address and password for their Microsoft account.

c.Select Add to family again.

d.You should now see the person added to the family.

e.If the person you’re adding is a child, and you haven’t already associated their account with yours, you’ll need to provide parental consent in order to complete this process.

f.If the person you want to add has an Xbox Live profile, but it’s not saved on the console, skip to step 3. If the person doesn’t have an Xbox Live profile, skip to step 4.

3.If the person you want to add has an Xbox Live profile but has never saved the profile to this console, select Add new and have the person sign in by providing the Microsoft account and password associated with that profile.

4.If the person doesn’t have an Xbox Live profile, click Add new and have the person create an Xbox Live profile. Then, go back to step 2a and complete the process.

Note For information about how to create a new account and profile, see Manage your Microsoft account.

When you return to Settings, you’ll see the new profile under Family.

Please note that Microsoft and Xbox Live comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regarding online account creation for children under age 13. COPPA requires that prior to gathering personal information from a child (under age 13), providers of online services obtain verifiable consent from the child’s parent. The most common method allowed by COPPA for obtaining parental consent is charging a small amount to the parent’s credit card. We charge 50 cents for this verification. These charges aren’t refundable.

i don't think there's a way for him to get around adding an email for his child.  i'll test this out tonight but i'm almost certain that any profile needs an email address now .. unfortunately.

There is no way round it unfortunatly... as being a parent of 4 myself I have great concerns about our littlens having emails....use an alias of your main email m8 for ya daughter and you can adjust the safty settings as you see fit,as you are the xbla subscription holder and the other profiles added are in your family which is at y8ur full control.

ALSO make sure your main paid xbla is made the home xbox so your family members and littlens benefit all the gold.


Settings,bottom left tab,my home xbox..'make this my home xbox' tab and done. :)

Why do you have "create an email for a 6 year old"? Just whip up a free throw away junk email real quick so you can get it out of the way. *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. If she's not signing in to check her email every day after school, then you're not "creating an email for a 6 year old". You're solving a problem.

yeah .. a spam email  .. which i don't know why they even require one knowing that they'll be just email fillers.

I have a 7 and 4 year old I just added to family and just gave them an outlook Email with there names. It will be a while before they ever need to sign in to read emails and such. Once done the x1 knows they are child accounts and require you to input a code to allow inappropriately rated games. It's a pain but works.

your children don't need an email, but the account does, just set up two email addresses with gmail and setup the accounts, and don't give your children access to them, however I would recommend forwarding the emails from them to yours incase MS send anything important.

Thanks for the help!