I need friends :(

Okay so most of my friends who I've been playing with for the last 3/4 years have either stopped playing, stopped buying games or just bash Fifa 24/7 which is very depressing.

So I need new friends :) I'm not on ALL the time but I do come on quite a lot, main games I like playing are Call of duty (online + zombies - I get all map packs), Halo, Borderlands 2 and just generally any new games :D

I'm a pretty good player, been going for nearly 5 years so I'm experienced and it's all about having a laugh for me (which I can't really do on my own)

If anyone would be so kind as to let me into their little group of friends it would be appreciated, even if it's just for a few days to see if you like me, Thanks :D 


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I have Halo 4 & borderlands 2

Nice, I'll send you a friend request and if you're on just invite me to the party or either game :)

I am not a CoD fan, but I do love me some Halo (3, Reach, CE, 4). Send me an request if you like.

I know the feel! Most of my 'original' xbl friends from a few years back are never on Xbox now, even though I do keep in touch with them, I still have a cool group of friends to play with to kill boredom!

I still play MW2 for the nostalgia, but rarely on my own so that's good news for you if you have it:p im decent at it too!

I mainly play BF3 with a cool bunch of people, we rarely have a game where we dont have a laugh and win so if that sounds good feel free drop me a FR!

I play halo 4 *sometimes* but I despise the MP lol

Anyways, bye!


halo 3, reach and 4 i play them all. friend me...

Not a call of duty Player here but i play Halo 4 and Battlefield 3, Minecraft and sometimes Skate 3. Just check my game list :)

Here is a tip for finding friends for the new people: Just start a conversation up with people at your age group in a random match. its great to just party up and have fun. you'll know each other quick.

Yeah I've met a few people doing that but generally they are either little kids or absolute arses who go in game chat hahaha so I thought I would see if I can make a couple of new friends on the forums :) I'll add ya now however I'm not on halo 24/7 but I will definitely party up with you next time I'm on, thanks :D

hehe, Alright ill be waiting for the invite :)

i play abit of cod so send me a friens request if ya like mate

Feel free to send a request my way OP you actually seem like a decent person from what you have written.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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