I need advice on what to do about a lost XBOX360 Sent in for repair.

I sent my son's XBOX360s in for warranty repair. Repair received it on 12/5. I was told turnaround was 7-14 days. Which it was, the repair was finished on 12/13/2013. I was told it shipped. Then the CSR assigned to me called and said there was a problem and no one knew where the console is located...he then tried for 3 days to locate it. The tracking number provided by Microsoft does NOT exist according to Fed EX. This was on Dec 16th. (My son, who as Asperger's Syndrome has been without his XBOX360. We got this gaming system as it is recommended by several Asperger's Support group because it best helps with motor skills.) Finally, I was granted the ability to speak with a higher up CSR and I was PROMISED by 12/24 that I would know something. I was promised a call back regardless...But no calls and I cannot contact support because the escalation Department is not reachable by us mortal consumers. I am extremely upset...now no one will call or respond to my emails. My son's XBOX WAS supposed to be returned BEFORE Christmas...now is has been over a month and still no XBOX360. The sad part was I was told a replacement was being shipped out and someone on Microsoft's end apparently lost it...so rather than providing me with another console, I have to wait while they try to find it. Meanwhile, my son is the one being punished for someone else's mistake...I am the customer...I bought their product...it was faulty and I send it in for repair...why am I basically stuck in limbo? I know this sounds like a gripe session, but my son is bummed and can't use 25% of his new Christmas gifts we got him. Has anyone had this happen before, if so what happened?


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Sorry to hear it.  I would recommend contacting an MS support agent either on the forums here or by sending a message to @xboxsupport on Twitter.

The support agents have an S on their gamercards and can be reached specifically by clicking the envelope icon underneath their post.  Examples of some support agents are:

Mister Fitzer

Mister Gwyther

Miss Ermine

Mister Ohnaka

Mister Cerb

Mister Fizzle

Misses Joust

Just do a search for one of their posts and send them a message.  They should be able to look into this for you and get it sorted quite quickly.

Did you send it via a delivery service such as UPS, Fedex? Contact their support system and give them any tracking information you gathered or request a delivery status.

Chances are no one ran off with a broken Xbox 360, it may of gotten mixed up during delivery and is just delayed.

Edit: on the off chance, if the console was delivered and was left on a door step, it could of been nabbed very easily. It happens all the time.

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with Microsoft's repair service. I second Xbox support on twitter. They actually answer your questions much better than phone support, in my opinion that is. I have gotten a ton of help from them over the past couple years. They'll help you out hopefully. Anyways, I hope your console comes soon, that would be very annoying to deal with.

Thanks everyone! Fed EX has verification of me shipping but NONE from them back to me. I am in the "Escalated Support" level of hell...lol It does not build my confidence in MS at all. I will try the Twitter support thing. I will keep everyone posted as to what I find out.

You could try getting in contact with your countries consumer affairs authority and see if they could help you. It might be enough to get Microsoft off of there corporate butt and investigate the situation.

Did everything work out for you, FamedTunic5790?

I would think so, he hasn't reported back in over two years.