I need a VGA Adapter so I can use my PC monitor as a display for my XBOX 360. How can I get one?

Preferably one that doesn't cost much.


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if you want one of those cables you will have to pay 40-50 bucks on Amazon but It Will Worth It Im telling you i have that cable, you can find cheaper versions but it will not have the best quality

Recomend you to buy one of microsoft for better quality

You need a VGA switch box, like one of these. Yes I know they look pretty ugly but they don't require an extra power source.  All you need is another VGA cable to link it all up.  When you want to switch between the Xbox and the PC just flick the switch.  Their cheap too.

yep i recomend you one of those vga switch cuz it's a pain in the a... to switch cables and more if it's late in night when you cant see nothing

what i did was buy this a vga with rca audio cables: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_4 andi connected that to a rca splitter: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_cc_2 which i connected to a 3.5mm female to 3.5mm female coupler: www.google.com/.../catalog which i can connect to either headphones or speakers.  This is much cheaper than the $50 switch box.