I need a new game - Your suggestions?

Hi, thanks for reading this, I have about 2-3 hours before I finish work and I want to play something new when I get home. I like all sorts of games but I won't be buying a racing or flying game as I've had my fill of these for the moment.

Here are a few games I played and really enjoyed if it helps suggest something;

Assassins Creed Series (Any of them, all of them I love)
Skyrim (Brilliant but to much to do)
GTA 4,
Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Splinter Cell Conviction
Red Dead Redemption


If anyone could suggest anything that they really enjoyed I'd appreciate it, when I went to look at the weekend I didn't have a clue what half the games were so I need some guidance


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Gears 3, Dragon's Dogma, Saints Row: The Third or Dead Rising 2 :)

Hi ....panda (Easier to type sorry) Gears 3 - good suggestion I do need to finish the series.

Saints Row the third - When I played a demo of Saints Row (The first one I presume) it seemed to have the same issue as GTA, there was so much to do that I never ended up doing any of it because I'd get distracted and just jump over buildings etc. Is this still the same or is the game less large now?

It's cool, everyone calls me Panda :)

Gears 3 in my opinion is so much better than the previous Gears games.

Saints Row 2 I ended up getting distracted a lot so yes... I believe they have fine tuned it as I managed to complete everything in Saints Row: The Third.

I reccomend the two games mentioned - Gears 3 to complete the story and also due to a new one out within the future.  As for Saints Row 3 that is a fantastic game far better than the last two - and so adictive.  I struggled to put my control pad down playing this one.  I am enjoying Max Payne 3 and also Ghost Recon Future Soldier but other gamers will comment diffrent on these due to the online multiplayer.  Out of these I would say Saints Row 3!!! Plenty to do, great graphics and great game play - Also probaly cheap as its been out a while........................Good luck what ever you decide mate

Sants row three is definetly a winner had me hooked from beginning to end i kept getting bored of GTA 4. Good luck

Excellent suggestions gents, I shall seriously consider Saints Row 3 now it has been recommend by you all. Gears 3 looks pretty good but the store didn't have one when I went last night :-(

I'm going to wait for it be back in stock in the mean time I got Syndicate to tie me over - any impressions from anyone.

Ok next question - Who has played Darkness 2, I got told it was really short so I'm going to wait till its a bargain basement but wondered if anyone had played it yet?

Thankyou all for your help.

Gears 3 is awesome also. Haven't had the pleasure of the darkness 2 but it is one i want to pick up at some point.

I still need to get Syndicate. Yeah I heard Darkness 2 is better than the first game, worth playing regardless of length :)

My suggestion's would be -

Alan Wake
Splosion Man
Shadow Complex

I also see you have both Trial's games with no cheevo's unlocked I would suggest playing them till the cow's come home !! :)

Gears 3 is a great game and its defo worth finishing off that series,


Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third are really fun games to play. I did find myself being distracted a lot from the main quest line in both games but there were both so fun I didn't mind lol.

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